Wandering along the south coast of France with Vincent Beck Mathieu

Vincent Beck Mathieu is a 21 years old photographer who lives in Paris. In June he and his girlfriend left Paris and they went on a fascinating road trip. This is the story of their journey, 5000 km in just over a week. An adventurous journey of two young people fascinated by the wildspots of France. First stop Nièvre, a perfect setting to watch the senset along the river of a lake, fishing there, bathing, and making campfires. Then, they arrived in Puy de Dome, enchanting spot where they had a bottle of wine while the last gleams of the sun created a perfect atmosphere for the two youngsters who were dancing on the shore of the lake. After that, they went to Porquerolle, where they met friends, and in particular the photographer Guillaume Gaubert, they hadn’t seen each other for two years. Gaubert took them to watch Toulon sunset lights from the top of a mountain. The next day, they were again on the road towards Verdon, in Provence. Verdon is an extraordinary place full of clefts. They found a spot they knew by the river, ate chicken, and drank beers before falling asleep under the starry sky. The following day they left for the Colorado Provencal a dreamy place where the earth is red, and the sun is so hot that burns the skin. That night they slept in a parking lot not far from Avignon. At dawn, they left for the Cévennes a place with a huge expanse of forests and rivers. Vincent remembers how hot this place was, he said he was about to die. The next day they went back to the North with many memories in his head.

All images ©  Vincent Beck Mathieu

All images © Vincent Beck Mathieu