Interview with Petteri Lappalainen


Q: Hi! Tell us something about your life and yourself. 
I live in Helsinki, but my roots are in a little town in northern Finland. I enjoy shooting video and pictures and I do it with passion. Free time I like to cycle as much as possible on the road and on the forest. 

Q: When and why did you start taking pictures? 

I might be a teenager when I got my father's old film camera. I did never get it work properly, but interest in imaging woke up. When I got myself Sony miniDV camera I started to taking pictures and shooting video more actively. After that I photographed everything around me. 

Q: You are also a cinematographer; can you tell us something more about it? 
I've always liked to watch movies and It´s my dream to shoot a movie. As a cinematographer lightning is my main way to create an atmosphere and it is really important to me, but also very important thing to remember is storytelling. 

Q: Indeed your photography is influenced by a cinematographic style. What are the main differences between the two media you use, and be honest, which one do you prefer? 
In shooting video, you have to focus on the continuity of the images and to storytelling. Unlike in the photography, you're just hunt for one perfect moment. In photographing you are also a director and you can make quicker decision and you can more to implement yourself. Cinematographers work is more teamwork, you are part of a bigger group. I like both a lot :) . 

Q: How do you choose your subject? 
I often look for individual light sources and lonely subjects. If I see some interesting subject to shoot I usually do not shoot it at the same time, because I do not always carry the camera with me. It can take a week when I come back to take a picture.  

Q: Do you believe that every artist shows a part of his own personality and character in his photographs? What do you want to show or communicate with your work? 
Yes, I believe, but that's something I do not think while I’m taking pictures. When I take pictures I'm trying to trust my instinct. 

Q: In your opinion what does make a great photo? 
Light, mood and first impression. I like all sorts of pictures that awake emotional feelings. 

Q: If you could meet a great photographer of the past and one of the present, who would you like to meet? 
From the past I would like to meet painter Edward Hopper and of the present cinematographer Roger Deakins. 

Q: What are your projects for the future? 
I'd like to shoot more videos and photos for the film in future. At this week I’ll go to Lapland to shoot a tv trailers. Couple of music video projects is coming and i am shooting a tv drama in spring, so lots of fun projects is coming. 

Q: Suggest us a film or an album. 
Old and new Blade Runner


All images © Petteri Lappalainen