Interview with Luca Galavotti


Q: Tell us something about your life and yourself

Hello. I’m Luca Galavotti and I’m a documentary and portrait photographer based in Emilia, Italy.
I’m an analogue photographer since I started taking pictures, and most of my images are taken using old film cameras. I love traveling, I love music and colors.

Q: When and why did you start taking pictures?

I’ve been interested in visual arts since I was young, but my approach to photography started when I got my father's old analog camera for the first time, in the early 2000s.

Q: What’s behind the camera? What about the subject who’s shooting? 

Difficult question to answer. I think that those around me could explain better the subject who’s behind the camera. Anyway, I would define myself as an observer. 

Q: In Homeland we sense a strong reference to the master Luigi Ghirri. How does he influenced your photographic vision?

I live and work in Emilia and I’m a photographer, so it is impossible not to be inspired and fascinated by the master Luigi Ghirri.
Like Luigi Ghirri, I maybe have a clean photographic style, without frills, sometimes almost minimalist.
Emilia region is a flat land, places and landscapes are very similar for kilometers. When I started the project homeland, I wanted to represent it better and more beautiful than it is in reality; and I have to say that this project helped me – and it’s helping me still – a lot in making me appreciate what I see around me every day. From a photographic point of view I find it a very stimulating activity; I can assure that trying to take nice photos in this area is not as simple as it seems at first sight.

Q: We do believe that every artist shows a part of their own personality and character in his photographs. What do you want to show in yours?

Yes, that’s right. I have to say that when I photograph, I don’t do it with the aim of showing a part of my personality or a part of my character. But very often I notice that the people who look at my works, can capture the same feelings that I had when I shot that image. If I manage to convey a feeling with my works, then my goal is reached and I'm happy of it.
Q: Essential landscapes and emotional portraits are the key points of your photography. What does inspires you?

I love wide spaces. I love wind. I love light. I love to portray the essence of the people. And the natural light is my world.

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, I do. I’m currently in Lanzarote trying to photograph the essence of the island.

Q: Suggest to us a film, an album and a photographer

The last question is always the most difficult one. I could suggest you lots of films and albums that I like, so I will say those that I recently saw and listened. A film: “Victoria” directed by Sebastian Schipper; an album: “Slowdive” by Slowdive.
A photographer… Well, I want to push the good italian photography, so I say Luca Bortolato


All images © Luca Galavotti