Interview with Esben Bøg Jensen

Q: Tell us something about your life and yourself.

I live in Copenhagen. I take it slow. Try to eat well, you know.

Q: When and why did you start taking pictures?

I started taking photos in my early twenties. It was pretty much just the next thing in a long line of interest, but it stuck to me like nothing else. It has been somewhat of a constant thing in my life since, though I don’t always get to shoot as much as I’d like. This past year has been very busy on all other fronts than the photography.

Q: We do believe that every artist shows a part of their own personality and character in his photographs. What do you want to show in yours?

 Tough question. I want to say yes, but sadly I don’t think that’s very true. At least not in the direction I’m looking right now. Social media has changed everything. Nowadays a lot of people just do whatever is popular – what everybody else does – because it’s all about the likes. And I believe it has ruined a lot of peoples’ idea of what real art is. I think it’s getting better, though maybe that’s just because I’m taking a break from apps like Instagram. That app is bad for your health. If Instagram was a museum it would be the size of a tent with a gift-shop the size of the Louvre. It’s a guilty pleasure if mine…


Speaking for me I simply show little moments from my life and people that I like and find interesting. I don’t think I really aim to show anything in particular. Just letting you get a brief glimpse of someone else’s diary perhaps.

Q: What’s behind the camera? I mean, more than what we can see through your clean technique, those calming moments captured in your frames. What about the subject who’s shooting?

Is that an elaborate way of asking who I am? As you might have guessed from the first question I don’t think there is much that I can say about myself. That really is a question for those around me. 

Q: In many of your photographs there are sunbeams on your model’s skin or hair. Is it just fortuitous or is it part of your aesthetics?

I love the sun. I love light. I think every photographer does. Natural light is my kind of thing.

Q: Why do you shoot film? And which is your favourite setup camera/lens/film?

I shoot film because I missed the handcraft of photography. I had become too consumed by the digital world. I missed that taken photos was more of a process. That is a big reason. And then of course there is the look of film which is amazing. And the fact that it challenges you to think more. That’s always a good thing. The advantages of shooting film are many. Only issue is the steep prices of development. Right now, my favourite camera is the Mamiya 7. It’s pricey, but worth every penny.

Q: Is there a photographer or an artist who inspires you?

There are many. I’ve always admired Sally Mann and Elliott Erwitt. That’s two old-schoolers. I follow a bunch of new photographers as well, but their names escape me as I write this. Theo Gosselin and his girlfriend are some of them.

Q: What will be your next destination for a travel?

 Don’t really know yet. I want to go to so many places, but I think it’s either Iceland, Tokyo or LA.

Q: Suggest us a film or an album.

 How much time do you have! I recently bought Stalker and Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky in brand new remastered versions from Criterion Collection. They came out just a couple of days ago so I’m still waiting for them to arrive in my mailbox. Two of my absolute favourite movies. When it comes to albums I’m really feeling the new Tyler The Creator album. What a complete surprise that record is! The new Broken Social Scene album, Hug of Thunder, is great as well, and anything by the producer Knxledge just knocks. I listen to music constantly so the list could go on and on.

All images © Esben Bøg Jensen